Interested in joining the team?

Being a Mountain Rescue volunteer can be very rewarding but can also make great physical and mental demands on those involved.

Whilst the Team will train you in specific Mountain Rescue skills, the starting point for membership is from a background of being comfortable on the hills in all conditions, wet and dry, in both summer and winter.

There is a progressive system towards full membership through introduction, development, and demonstrated experience. This training period alone can take up to 18 months; therefore individuals need to be able to make a long term commitment to AMRT.

The MINIMUM requirements for consideration as a trainee would be:

  • Have 2 years + of summer and winter mountain experience.
  • Live less than 30 minutes travelling distance from Arrochar.
  • Be available for rescues a large proportion of the time.
  • Have a reasonable level of fitness.
  • Be able to navigate effectively off paths using a map and compass.
  • Have a current first aid certificate.

Still interested?
You should also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I comfortable on the mountains, in filthy weather, in the middle of the night?
  • Would I be prepared to drop everything at a minutes notice to go out on a call out and how would my employer/family respond to this?
  • Could I walk repeatedly up and down hills for 8 hours whilst searching?
  • Can I carry a load of 15-20kg up hill relatively quickly?
  • Can I negotiate easily: grass, scree, rock, craggy ground and steep hard snow and ice?
  • How would I cope with injured people?

If, having asked yourself these questions and given yourself honest answers, you still think you could contribute to the Team you can Contact the Team Leader for an application form.

What happens then?

For operational reasons, the Team has an optimum size of around 30 members. If your application is suitable and a place is available you may be invited to training, usually in the spring or summer. If there are no places available you may be given the option of going on a waiting list.

Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Registered Charity Number SC015793